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Children & Teenage Counselling

About the course

The children and teenage segment of the society are the most vulnerable yet most important links to the harmonious balance of the society. Increasing complexities of life and the fast advancement has given way to a very talented yet complex generation. Their talents, different patterns of thinking and behaving along with academic challenges have created a need for children and teenage counselling. Changing social fabric, working parents and nuclear family structure has made it imperative that an objective view point be reached through counseling.

This course mainly addresses the present day’s issues and the techniques to modify them. Broadly, the course covers

  • Characteristic Milestones and Dysfunctions of each age and the diagnoses criteria
  • Psychological, Physiological and Neurological Milestones
  • Unique Techniques for each age group and parent narrations
  • Developing Individual Therapeutic Plan and Enrolling family in the process
  • Teenage, Addiction & Rehabilitation
  • Audio Recordings of cases with case studies
  • Demonstrations and Practice sessions for more than six new techniques

Kirti BakshiKirti Bakshi – Counsellor & Hypnotherapist from Mumbai backed by 15 years of experience in Basic Psychology, Corporate Training and individual counselling Mentoring and Coaching.
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