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Family Constellations

Family Constellations are a fairly unique way to get insights into long standing matters of life. The work was started by BURT HELLINGAR and was largely instrumental in the west for insight building process. The model of work is fast spreading its roots in India through the certified trainers. The basis of the work is the LAWS THAT GOVERN SYSYTEMS .Whenever a law is disturbed; it causes a dysfunctional energy that manifests at different levels. Through constellation work we identify and address these patterns.

Let us say that there are some matters in your life that you just do not understand but they repeat and give pain every time with increasing intensity. Be it business, family or personal life, there are some questions that haunt you. The answer clearly is not in your view.

The cause or the initiation of that disturbing or unsettling matter in your life could be coming from a trans generational pattern running in the family or a remote intent embedded deep in your own family or even yourself.

Constellations help us to understand that causative layer and bring increased awareness. Whenever you approach life with more awareness the results can be life transforming.

Constellation workshop is recommended for -

  • Any pattern of emotional stress or mental conflict
  • Family or Business Patterns that are obstructed or disturbed
  • Conflicts in relationships
  • Difficulty in achieving goals
  • Any major personal or professional problem that remains unresolved.

Family Constellations not only provide solutions for individuals and relationships but also, provides solutions to business, community and nations at large.

Perhaps you have already done lots of reflecting, reading, personal work and still find that:

  • All your relationships do not seem to be right.
  • You just do not seem to get companionship and love in life.
  • All the relationships leave a deeper void in life.
  • There are people around you but then too, you just can’t connect
  • You wish you could handle relationships and other roles in a more fulfilling manner.
  • You constantly live with this feeling of being unsuccessful.
  • You can’t fulfil your potential in your career.

Then Family Constellation is a right methodology and approach to deal with all unresolved matters and conflicts.

Methodology of Constellation work

The constellation work is carried out in a workshop format wherein a group of ten or more individuals come together .One by one the clients come and narrate their concerns either in group or to the facilitator alone. The group then gets involved in doing a role play to precipitate the details while the facilitator looks for the underlying patterns and continues to guide the constellationto unearth and deeper guidance. The experience is very holistic and divine as there is a point of time where the “how”cannot be answered but the revelation of the constellation amazingly replicates the clients life. The client who for the first time can see his own life from a spectator level gets amazing clarity. The participants benefit by the role plays as they have uncanny similarities to some textures of their life.

The process is projective,analytical, divine and uplifting at many levels. It adds to the way we look at life and adds deep wisdom to our journey of being human.

  • Constellations Activate Natural Healing
  • Constellations Heal the Unconscious Mind
  • Constellations restore inner , family , business and personality balance .
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