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About Us


The Counseling Company, A Mumbai based organization has the unique distinction of bringing the practical imports from the world of Basic Psychology, Philosophy and Other Alternative approaches to a cross section of professional training and counseling segments. The counseling company works at the prevention and excellence of mental health resources.

We, at The Counseling Company understand the complex and vast world of mind, Psychology & Philosophy often leaves one confused and looking for a more practical approach. That is exactly where we step in.

Our panel of experts backed by years of experience in have formulated training modules with a view of providing a direct hands on approach and we offer the same to

  • Schools & Colleges
  • Healers and Therapists
  • Parents & Guardians
  • Trainers and Mentors
  • Corporates & HR Professionals
  • Psychology Students
  • Social Welfare Organizations
  • Medical Professionals

Having a network of counseling associates and trainings all over India and abroad, the chief thrust of the Counseling Company is to expand the personal, professional & academic excellence through Trainings, Open workshops, Seminars and Individual counseling sessions. All Trainings at The Counseling Company are delivered by a cross section of Psychologists, Corporate Trainers and Motivational Coaches, and Philosophers.

Vision & Mission

We aim to demystify Psychology, Philosophy and Alternative Approaches to increase the awareness level of maximum individuals and organizations. Mental Health enrichment and personal excellence is the main forte of The counseling Company initiatives. We aim to encourage the dissemination of mental health management measures through our Personal, Professional and Corporate and Open Group trainings.


  • Assimilate Imports from Psychology and Philosophy for ready practical application
  • Integrate Psychology and Philosophy in Ethical Corporate & Personal Management training
  • Mentoring & Training with Holistic approaches
  • Enhance Emotional, Psychological and Overall wellbeing


  • Kirti Bakshi BIO
    Counselor & Psychotherapist
  • Nirali Bhatia BIO
    Counselor & Corporate Trainer
  • Naresh Kokal
  • Kavyal Sedani
    Soft Skills Trainer
  • Afshan Nafis
    Psychologist & Reiki Grand Master
  • Hemal Pai
    Counseling Psychologists & Educational Consultant