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Parenting Reflections

The need to know so much more about our children and their thought process has increased to an all time high. The need for conscious synthetic and artificial efforts leads us to ask the fundamental question – Which is best way to take your child to excellence and maintain the emotional connect and harmony ?Efforts in creating excellence and bonding has been primary concern of every nuclear unit or working parents. This is because of, increasing levels of competitions along with modern day pressures of proving oneself in all walks of life.

In the one day workshop Conducted by Kirti Bakshi – A corporate Trainer, Psychotherapist and Psychologist from Mumbai, you will be able to know about their child’s basic personality type, even when the child is as young as two years. Their inherent nature, their basic blueprint and you will know about yourself in a different light .Understanding and identifying these differences will help you to emerge as a successful, understanding and a deeply connected parent to your children. The model is backed by 15 years of research in personality types and personality metaphors, individual patterns, limitations and redefining limits and their significance .The workshop largely conducted for corporate, High Court Judges, Schools, and Open Groups of Parents in India and abroad has been successful in providing deeper insights to parent even in their interpersonal relationship.

The workshop also has a guide line for the following
  • Know your child’s personality type v/s yours
  • Identify their strengths, weakness and distractions
  • Align yourself to a renewed communication and guidance pattern
  • Evoke a responsible and respectful attitude from your child
  • Prepare them for the challenges of life ahead
  • Finally – Enjoy their childhood as it never comes again

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