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Metaphor Therapy & Healing (A unique Counselling & Healing Technique)

About the course

Did you know that the subconscious mind stores and presents information in the form of visuals and that we all talk our deeper experiences through the use of descriptive visuals? These are known as Metaphors.

This tendency of the human mind to reveal itself through hidden words is said to a Metaphorical Expression, which also explains that the deeper underlying meaning that lies hidden in some potent descriptive words which are expressed in form of images. Needless to say that these images can form the very basis of a very effective communication & counseling session.

  • Human mind presents images in three different ways
    • Verbal metaphors
    • Drawing metaphors
    • Imaginary metaphors

What if we can learn to spot those words and visuals and decode them? Well! then we have a deeper meaning revealing to us in the insightful conversations that take place. We understand the core issue faster than we can believe and the transformation can happen faster than we can imagine. The art and science of dealing with this skill of Decoding, Developing and Substituting the metaphors is the basis of Metaphor therapy. World over, different psychologists have devised their own ways of using the metaphorical understanding in a very innovative and individualized style

In the workshop offered by The Counseling Company - The participants will learn about the use of Metaphors as developed by Kirti Bakshi. The workshop aims to lend a more perceptive edge to the conversational transformation of behavior.

Why Metaphor Therapy

  • Metaphor is a unique approach to Basic Psychology which trains a beginner or established counselor to understand the core issue in greater detail.
  • Metaphor therapy is a conversational tool to bring the client issues at a more cognitive level without disturbing the emotional equilibrium.
  • It is pattern of communication and drawing interpretation that opens doors to a more productive counseling session.
  • Metaphor Therapy is a tool that allows the therapist/counselor to dive into the clients mind through a very cognitive yet subtle process and create deeper insights.
  • It precipitates the core issue and provides substratum for the therapy.
  • Metaphors therapy is used as a diagnostic & therapeutic tool by professionals all over the world. Every therapist leverages the creative power of Metaphors to create a niche working style which is unique.
  • It provides a mapable pattern that allows a cognitive awareness of changes that are happening with the client's awareness.
  • Group support from like minded therapist continues after the workshop.

Covering Topics like

  • Human Mind & Metaphors
  • Research Findings in general on Metaphors
  • Nature & Color Psychology
  • Drawing Interpretations as prospective tools
  • Interpreting Imaginations for insight building process
  • Spotting Verbal Metaphors and Development
  • Therapies using the client generated Metaphors
  • Metaphorical Visualizations
  • Closure Techniques using Basics of Eco-therapy and Indian Philosophy

Metaphor therapy is a magic tool for

  • Corporate managers
  • Team leaders
  • Recruitment analysis
  • Trainers, Counsellors
  • Spiritual healers
  • Tarot card readers
  • Hypnotherapists
  • Counselling psychologists
  • Teachers
  • General practitioners
  • Homeopaths 
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