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Workshops for Professionals

Train the Trainer in Career Counselling

Become a Career Counsellor

One day extensive workshop on how to carry on career counselling for your existing clients or add on new clients. Conceived & Conducted by Kirti Bakshi.

What will you will learn?

  • Informal assessment
  • Keys to formal assessments
  • Drop Down on all careers
  • Awareness of International Careers Scopes
  • Planning ,Budgeting & Three layered Plans
  • Follow up workshops


Course Brief

Why this course?

Most of the youth and young clients suffer from career confusions, Choice of wrong careers and stress related to them.

While we treat stress, it becomes mandatory to provide alternative direction or prevent stress by directing in the most rewarding career. For this, knowledge of educational scenario is a unique add on for the therapists and professionals.

While it is a great idea to outsource solutions, we often land up losing clients as they can’t find right people .This not only complicates the client’s conflict but we also have more people taking up uninformed decisions.

How this helps my Business?

Career counselling is the most sought after solution for young, mid life crisis, housewives and learning disable children.

Your expertise in this direction can help you to tap into this segment and subsequently add to your client list.

Will I have support?

We will provide you with support and references in case you need more help.

Do I get Advertising Support?

Yes, you can tie with The Counseling Company at a minimum annual cost and get listed as a therapist on our website where we are driving more traffic.

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