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metaphor therapy advanced

About the course

Dive into the enriched world of images, colours and visuals. As the world of visuals offers a rich pool of information about us and our clients, the deeper imagery makes astonishing revelations that can be pleasantly surprising.

For those of us who are already familiar with the rich world of Metaphors, let us go one step forward with Advanced Metaphor Therapy Workshop.

The workshops aims to offer the following:

  • Assistive Technique and Scripts
  • Integrating Projections
  • Elemental Work
  • Weaving, Scripting and Decoding
  • Client Generated and Supportive Metaphors
  • Ability to get into the depth of the basic world of metaphors

The course is primarily practice oriented with demonstrations and case studies. The participants will largely benefit in terms of supervised work and concrete feedback on the skill integration.


Two Days


16-20 Hours spread over two days for a batch size of 10.


Basic Metaphor Therapy and Basic Psychology Knowledge. For those who do not have the working knowledge of Psychology, please look up www.metaphortherapy.co.in or upcoming workshops for the Basic Psychology workshop.

Any more queries can be addressed to counselingcompany@gmail.com

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