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Play Therapy

About the course

Welcome to the Series of our Skill Building Workshops. These workshops are meant for mental health of professionals, parents, teachers and people at large. Through the platform of THE COUSELING COMPANY, Play Therapy workshops aim to impart skills by using play as a therapy for behaviour modifications, reinforcement and understanding sub-conscious mind of children .

Years of working with varied age group has constantly guided me to the stark difference of working with children and adults. The fragile, impressionable and immature minds of young children need a sensitive, compassionate and gentle approach along with a sharp inner focus and age appropriate communication. For developing these skills we have to UNLEARN a lot and that is what play therapy is all about. UNLEARN to be an adults with children sensibility but LEARN to be a child with adult sensibility.

This complex pattern requires a very systematic yet flexible approach and that is what play therapy allows us to develop. Play therapy is a non directive approach using various mediums of play with different age groups. It not only offers a conflict free space but adds interesting facets to sessions that bring children back to reinforcement sessions. In the workshop, the focus will be on projective technique using non directive approach with different play tools.

This is different program from all the other previous programs offered by Counseling Company on CHILDREN & TEENAGE COUNSELLING, as these workshops are more focussed on mastering techniques and supervised practice.

In the series of workshops that we offer, The first one focuses on the following:

  • Non Directive Approach
  • Environment
  • Self work using toys
  • Using toys for Family Projections
  • Supervised Practice

Ideal for everyone dealing with children. Knowledge of developmental milestones and challenges would be a great advantage. Those who wish to equip themselves with basic knowledge of CHILDREN AND TEENAGE COUNSELING send a message CTC to 9820745740.

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Duration: 6 hrs
Seats - Limited