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Workshops for Teens

Teen Equations

About the course

  • A unique & comprehensive workshop (6 sessions -4 hours each) designed and delivered by psychologists, corporate trainers & image consultants.
  • Imparts knowledge & techniques to balance the IQ-EQ-SQ for teens
  • Trains to manage freedom with maturity
  • Gives an international edge to create future leaders
  • Aims at:
    • Identifying strengths & vulnerabilities
    • Awareness of real world issues


  • Personality Prints – Understanding vertical & horizontal developments with a view to identify and develop one’s individual & unique style.
  • Mind Management –Techniques to understand and harness one’s strengths through focus, endurance & tenacity.
  • Relationship & Youth – Get the perfect social skills confidence & emotional balance.
  • Trend Trails - International grooming trends, etiquettes & image building
  • Unwind & Release – Theatre techniques to relax and release anxiety &stimulate confidence and body language.
  • Career Insights - The basics of planning career at national and international levels with a broader view of education scenario ( Please note this does not include career testing)

In case of time- constraints, participants can opt for select modules of their choice.

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